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Die Gedanken sind frei. December, 29th, 2010

Isn't It interesting how some sayings from the past begin to lose their effect as we grow older and our world changes?
Consider this one, "Without liberty the brain is a dungeon."
And this one, "Die Gedanken sind frei." (Your thoughts are free.)
And look into the future a little bit to where modern technology has rendered the need for external computer hardware obsolete.
The trend has been toward increasing miniaturization. Is it hard to imagine a day when we shall no longer require keyboards and monitors to access the internet … a day when all we will need is a computer chip implanted in our brain?
When that day comes there will be much applause.
The ghosts of Alvin Toffler and Gene Roddenberry will be happy because they saw it coming.
The, “Greens,” will love it because it will use so much less energy and, “stuff.”
Retailers, like Wal-Mart, will love it because, having implanted RFID chips in all of their merchandise, coupled with (eventually mandatory) RFID chips in all citizens they will be able to fire all of their cashiers.
The “checkout counter,” will become a thing of the past. (We already see the early stages of this evolving technology at some stores where you scan your own purchases instead of interfacing with a human being.)
The trend clearly indicates a time when shoppers will simply go into the store to pick up the stuff they want and walk out with it. Their RFID chips will be linked to their bank accounts. No debit card required.
Shoplifting will be stopped dead in it‘s tracks.
When we no longer require keyboards and monitors to access the internet….
The people will love it for the most part. They will no longer require the purchase of dictionaries, or cell phones, or computers or TV sets. Once trained in the new implanted technology people will come to regard the entire knowledge base of the World Wide Web as part of their subconscious mind. When wondering, during conversation, “Who wrote that song?” they shall no longer be limited by the contents of their biological memory. The answer will be stored on a server somewhere.
Every brain will have an IP address.
Do you want to watch a movie? Just close your eyes and it will be downloaded directly to your brain in stunning clarity and 3-D. (How will that impact copyright law? Will every original thought be entitled to a royalty?)
Imagine… seven billion minds all connected to this massive network. Seven billion minds, each containing about 100 billion cells. Seven billion times 100 billion…. The number starts to sound a lot like US government debt obligations.
With the ability to both upload and download. To communicate. Without speaking. Telepathy will be a fact.
Will our planet begin to resemble a forgotten episode of Star Trek? A thinking planet?
A thinking planet? Not if the government gets involved.
Because, obviously, once technology has evolved to the level I have imagined here, you can bet your bottom digital dollar that the government will be intimately involved.
Every move you make will be recorded and time stamped.
Every time you do something for someone else you (and they) will be taxed.
Every time you do something to improve the life of another person, or they you, it will be time stamped, recorded…. and taxed.
In a post money world, every benefit you derive, no matter how seemingly insignificant, will trigger a tax liability. Forget about the 13% deducted from your digital account for that burger combo you just purchased…. Start to fear the next time you feel good because a pretty girl smiled at you.
Your biorhythms are being monitored by the state.
In accordance with the prevailing acceptance of zero sum theory, one man’s gain is another man’s loss.
If she smiled at you then she didn’t smile at him. Your gain was his loss. His “rights,” have been violated. You must, therefore, pay.
Isn’t that the essence of socialism? Isn’t the primary goal of socialism to ensure that everyone gets the same amount of benefit? If one reads the socialist ideal correctly would the concept of “equality,” be restricted to merely monetary matters? After all…. There are so many other inequalities in life that just cannot be measured in terms of dollars and cents.
When every brain on earth has the capacity to interface directly with every other brain the creative and productive potential of the human race will be multiplied by orders of magnitude.
It will be a two way street though. If you can access the contents of someone else’s mind then they should also be able to access the contents of yours.
Every human brain will have an IP address. It will become your essential identity for purposes of debiting, crediting and ….. Taxation. Nothing will escape the larcenous eye of the state. The asshole in the “man on the street,” interview who says, I don’t mind this level of government intrusion because I have nothing to hide will finally start to make sense…. Because he will, in fact, have absolutely nothing, therefore, nothing to hide (The same guy who lets some TSA goon “touch his junk,” in the interest of “safety.”)
A man with nothing has nothing to hide. All he has left is his life. That is when the firing squad comes back into play. (Ever wonder why, despite our own system being every bit as despotic and evil as those of the Soviet and Chinese communists or the NAZIs, we don’t see the same brutal tactics being employed? Well… the answer is simple…. Those poor fucks didn’t have houses or bank accounts that could be seized. Or licenses that could be revoked. The only way the state could get its greedy fingers around his balls was to threaten him with death.
When the middle class of the formerly capitalistic West has finally been gutted and de-boned, and the only leverage left to the state is a man‘s life….. Who seriously doubts that firing squads will not come back into fashion. It‘s all about economics.)
And even if brilliant software writers develop psychological firewalls preventing unwanted access to the contents of your mind, rest assured, that some enterprising politician will be drafting legislation mandating that the government be given a universal, back door encryption key or whatever, so that it can carry out warrantless and “sneak and peak,“ searches of your deepest thoughts. Imagine a WORM with a BADGE.
Unfortunately, as the technology evolves, the State will continue to demand it’s historically disproportionate degree of influence in the decision making process. It will need to know, therefore, not only what is in your bank account but what is in your brain.
And to reward or punish you accordingly.
I think this whole line of inquiry adds an entirely new spin to the old sayings,
"Without liberty the brain is a dungeon."
"Die Gedanken sind frei." (Your thoughts are free.)
Maybe today they are still basically true.

China rate hike, commodities, inflation, debt crisis

Peter Schiff is right most of the time.


Keiser Report: Bank of America Sucks & Blows (E107)

Max is right a lot of the time too. At other times he’s dead wrong. For example, he still buys into the Manmade-Global-Warming-Let’s-Give-government-control-over-every-aspect-of-our-lives-and make-people-like-Al-Gore-obscenely-rich scam. In this video he seems to think that, what he and his guest call, “privatization,” has been such a failure that we might as well just throw in the towel and continue to welcome and accept Government Inc. as the monopoly provider of such essential services as transportation, health care and education.
Yeah, right…. So they will all perform as wonderfully as the Government Inc. road monopoly. (Potholes, idiotic traffic rules, massive line-ups for service, [I.E. traffic congestion, arbitrary shut-downs for bicycle races and movie making and other politically influential groups at public expense, aggravation and delay etc.,] )
Max is a very smart man. Why he hasn’t yet realized that Government Inc. has it’s dirty fingerprints all over every major economic dislocation and scandal remains a mystery….especially when he comes right down and exposes it, time and again, in his rants.

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