Saturday, September 1, 2018

No Welfare for Immigrants:

How to achieve unanimity in the Canadian Immigration debate

Here's just a few, off the cuff, ideas for addressing most of the objections Canadian tax captives have about immigration.

In Canada as it is set up now, only a fool can be in favour of open borders.

As as libertarian, I remain 100% in favour of open borders, but only under certain conditions. The most important condition is that Canada be a free country. Since that is obviously not the case, I cannot support open borders at this time.

Here are a few other conditions that, if met, would make me more agreeable to open borders, even without abolishing state education, government medical insurance, welfare, public pensions, the CBC, and so on,

1 - no welfare payments, especially child tax benefit payments, for immigrants for at least a period of time, say ten, or X, years.

2 - no free medicare for X years. (The word is that there are a lot of Pakistani MD's driving cabs. Restrictions on the practice of medicine for them should be eliminated so that they could serve the immigrant communities, or the greater community for that matter, at market prices. If they are competent, they will prosper. If not, they can go back to cab driving.)

3 - no free education for X years.

4 - no free or subsidized housing for X years.

5 - no free language courses, or any other immigrant assistance programs, period.

6 - restoration of free speech, including the right to express dislike of alien newcomers due to their habits, customs, religious superstitions, body odors, food smells, or for any other reasons, including the hassles of attempting to communicate with people who can't speak our language, and even if one dislikes newcomers for no reason at all.

7 - the right to translate one's free speech into freedom of action so long as it conforms to the non-aggression principle. This would include the right to refuse accommodation, employment, taxi rides, washroom access, and so on, to anyone you don't like regardless of the reasons you may have for disliking them, or for no reason at all.

I would guess that these simple changes to the welfare state benefit system, along with the restoration of free speech, and freedom of association, would defuse the objections of the majority of the host Canadian population, as well as reduce the popularity of Canada as a destination for alien welfare tourists.

Think about it. Do you feel like a refugee in your own country? Do you feel that your right to disagree has been diminished?

Will you stand up? Or bend over?

Update: September 21, 2018



  1. Well put Hans. It would hopefully bring in immigrants who really want to be here and take advantage of a country that they could surely thrive in with hard work and freedom from whatever shit hole they came from.

  2. Hans you look pretty good in that "Gilets Jaunes "your presence would be appreciated in front of city hall Saturday, starts at 11am.


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