Monday, September 30, 2019

Antifa - Feel the Love

Nazi Scum get off our Streets!

I was there at around 7:30. A group of five or six formed a semi-circle around me, screaming "Nazi scum get off our streets," or something. I wasn't even wearing my MAGA cap.

A cop asked me if I had a ticket for the event. I told him I was just looking to buy an ANTIFA T-shirt but they weren't selling any. The cop ordered me to leave. I didn't want to get arrested for trespassing or something like the ANTIFA mob was doing, so I left.

Here is a report from Hamilton's local "News" paper. It doesn't mention Antifa, only "protesters."


Protesters descend on Mohawk College for Maxime Bernier event; at least five detained


Antifa - Feel the Love.

"Protesters" block aged "Nazi" with walker from attending event at Mohawk College.

One of the Jesse James imposters has been identified.

Photo Source


The "Nazi" discussion that the Antifa storm-troopers were trying to prevent.

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  1. Antifa must be squashed like the roaches they are!


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