Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Blocked by Alicia Elliott

Blocked by Alicia Elliott

Another communist sympathizer hides from me on Twitter.

Alicia Elliott


I don't know anything about this person. She is reputed to be an author.

I tripped across one of her Tweets which had been approvingly re-tweeted by Toronto Star race propagandist, @ShreeParadkar. It said,

"Two authors and I have decided we will not be participating in any events at the Toronto Public Library moving forward if they allow the Meghan Murphy event to take place in their facilities. We would appreciate if you would sign this letter in solidarity."

<Links: mine>

I am not familiar with Meghan Murphy so I don't have a dog in this fight other than to say that if Meghan Murphy has an opinion then she has every right to express it. If that's just proof of my "white supremacy" then so be it.

Ms. Elliott is obviously another in that growing army of left-wing authoritarians for whom "free speech" is a form of "white supremacy" unless it happens to be something they agree with, and then they are all for it.

People like Alicia Elliott have plainly announced that unless you agree with them they will try to silence you, therefore, I see no particular reason to be nice to them. If they want to silence Meghan Murphy, then they also want to silence me, and you, and anyone else who does not at least pretend that the Alicia Elliott's of the world have a monopoly on truth and wisdom.

So I replied to her Tweet,


By the sound of it

I would be happy if you were to announce that you will never be participating in any event


for the rest of your life

especially anything that involves discussion of different opinions

since you obviously can't handle that kind of "trauma"


I guess she couldn't handle that either because she went ahead and blocked me.

It strikes me as being more than a coincidence that this tendency to censor and block people resonates so beautifully with the saying attributed to Joseph Stalin - "No man? No problem."

And he wasn't just talking about censoring people.

Be forewarned about what our world will look like if people like Alicia Elliott ever get a grip on the kind of power they seek.

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