Saturday, March 21, 2020

Social Distancing

It strikes me as being a little bit, something or other, now that the term "social distancing" has become a thing.

Because this is something I started wondering (worrying) about in 2007. It had already been happening for over a decade.

One advantage of being old(er) is that you have the benefit of "lived experience." You know what life was like before the internet. People communicated face to face. That was the norm.

Norms change.

It was once "normal" to enslave people based upon the colour of their skin. Then it became normal to enslave anyone who produced economic goods and services, regardless of their skin colour.

For the Boomers, face to face protocols lasted for about four decades. Then dial-up bulletin boards started to get clogged up by people wanting to "chat" instead of just calling each other on the fucking phone. Social distancing had started happening.

So I had been thinking about the growing phenomenon of social distancing long before I learned to put it in those words.

"Social Networking," has paradoxically caused social distancing.

The term, "basement dweller," became part of our lexicon.

In my day, NO ONE would spend all of their time sitting in basements.

Except those with serious mental disorders. (!)

Which begs the question, is insanity merely a sane response to an insane situation?

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