Friday, November 2, 2018

Political Rock Concert

I know I am getting old when I get as much of a thrill from watching a political debate, as I used to get going to a rock concert.

Keep in mind, this is the debate those of the leftist persuasion, including NDP leader, what's her name? And that Toronto Star purveyor of anti-western hatred and demonization, Shree, wanted to shut down because, they claim, Steve Bannon is a "racist."

And then watch the debate. And then ask yourself, are you willing to let people like Andrea Horwath and Shree Paradkar decide what you should see?

Or would you rather be given the dignity, and the RIGHT to make that decision for yourself?

Censorship isn't just about shutting down the speakers. It's about deafening the listeners.

Just ask any current Gab subscriber. Or any potential subscriber .... like YOU.

Encore! Encore!

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