Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What I would do if I were boss of the world?

If I actually had a choice, being that I live in Canada, and so far as I know, if I wish to subscribe to just one cable TV channel, that choice remains unavailable to me, even though I don't doubt that the satisfaction of my desire is entirely, technically possible, I know it is politically impossible.

I leave it to more detail-oriented people to correct me if I am wrong, but my impression is that all cable TV subscription packages in Canada are subject to CRTC regulations. Therefore, FOX NEWS NETWORK is off the table, unless I wish to also pay for a package... well a basic package full of crap, after which I can choose one or more other crap packages, in the hope that one of these crap packages will contain the aforementioned network.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a complainer. But the idea that I should pay for twenty or thirty absolutely boring, or useless, or offensive government-backed propaganda channels (like the CBC) before I am allowed to watch FOX NEWS strikes me as being absolute BULLSHIT.

And the irony is, I am not even a big fan of FOX NEWS. When it comes right down to it, there is only one nightly program on FOX NEWS that I regularly watch. And I watch it on YouTube.

There is nothing I like better than asking questions. Well, actually there is one thing I like better than asking questions.

Getting answers.

And if I can't get answers, I'm more than happy to settle for the kinds of people that are, at least, asking the same questions.

So, of course, I develop respect for those who come up with the same questions as I ask. And by paying attention the people who are asking the same questions as me, I have come to discover that the odds of finding, at least, some of the answers to my questions, greatly increases if I follow those people who are asking the same types of questions. (Duh!)

I have to admit that it rather freaks me out, when the Table of the Contents, for the thoughts that flow through my mind during each day, ends up being the same series of matters that are addressed at the end of each of those days, by my favourite pundits!

It's almost as if we are all a bunch of mind-controlled robots, being switched on and off at the whims of a bunch of KKK members and "far-right" extremists.

Or it could be that we are thinking human beings following the circuitry of logic.

Anyone who is familiar with the type of stuff I blog about, or "share," or Tweet, already knows exactly how my mind works. (As do Google and Facebook, etc. And they are making great strides, or so I hear, in knowing exactly what I think before I actually think it! Just look at the ads they serve up. The circuitry of logic. A double-edged sword.)

Fuck me.

So back to my original question. What would I do if I were the boss of the world?

I would allow the public to subscribe to as little as ONE CABLE channel if that is all they really desire. And I would charge them ONLY the relevant costs for that channel. Say, $10.00 a month for "basic cable" (I.E. - infrastucture) service, and an additional $2.00 per month for each channel they choose to subscribe to.

And if such a regime were, in fact, in place at this time, my monthly cable TV bill would be only $12.00. That would include the basic $10.00 infrastructure charge, and the $2.00 for the FOX NEWS channel.

I would even pay the $2.00 fee just for the Tucker Carlson show, for reasons stated above.

It would sure beat my nightly searches for the latest Tucker episode. In its entirety.

And I don't know about you, but if I had any choice into how $600 million dollars of my money were going to be spent upon media outlets that espouse my point of view I would certainly allocate some of those funds to the Tucker Carlson Show.

The fact that the version of Tucker I have included below appears to be incomplete only adds to my confidence that, if given a choice by my Gov. Inc. overmasters, I would be gladly willing to pay the $12.00 monthly fee to get the whole product without having to fish around for it every night.

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