Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Pride season is back, and it’s time to make your demands heard. Oh, really?

As government metastasizes, parasites scurry out of the cracks and crevices with increasing demands upon the pocketbooks of hapless taxpayers.

Case in point: radical left-wing LGBTQ^n rent-seekers.

"We need more flag-raisings and rainbow crosswalks providing the backdrop to our demands."

At whose expense? (Brazen pinko leftists - always with their hands in other people's pockets.)

"Yes, there should be more intention to hire and appoint people from minority or vulnerable communities."

How did we arrive at the point in our history where equal rights are no longer considered a cornerstone of our society?

How did we arrive at the point in our history where blatant power-seeking megalomaniacs have the audacity to demand privileged access to taxpayer-funded jobs and appointments on the basis of their abnormal sexual orientations?

I say, "equal rights for all," regardless of race, religion, political and sexual orientation, or mental health. Equal rights and demands for "inclusion" are mutually exclusive. There is no such thing as a "right" to barge into other people's faces and demand that they express fake servility to your particular departures from behavioral norms. The "demand" that normal community members be forced to do so, and to pay for it is pure narcissism. I am offended!

You want rainbow flags? Go ahead and install them on your own front lawns, or paint rainbows on your driveways, AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. In a free society where everyone has equal rights, no one can stop you.

LGBTQ^n activists need to learn a thing or two about boundaries. And some basic manners.

Deirdre Pike: Pride season is back, and it’s time to make your demands heard

More on LGBTQ Narcissism.

And from Calgary, just a few examples of the "jobs" and salaries these newly minted aristocrats have been encouraged to believe they have a right to "demand."

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