Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Schlock Thickens

Here's another example of the lunacy this media-driven virus panic has inspired.

This morning, I made my third, and final, attempt to take advantage of the butter sale at No Frills.

It is my custom to wait for butter to go on sale. When it does, I buy about ten pounds and store them in the freezer. I've been running low lately, so I have been keenly scanning the flyers for a butter sale for some weeks.

Sure enough, Thursday's flyer advertised butter at No Frills at $2.97 a pound.

The first time I went, there were no grocery checkpoints at the door but there was no butter either. So I left.

The next time I went, people were dutifully lined up outside the doors like a mob of Soviet serfs. So I left again after waiting for about thirty seconds and snapping a photo.

Today, I decided to give it one more try, and, being there was no lineup I went in and grabbed the limit of two blocks. Then, on my way out I went down the aisle leading to the self-checkout until I realized there was a backup. I figured the backup was because of the panic over the virus, and people were therefore choosing the self check-checkout, so I decided to use one of the regular check-outs. Then when I turned the corner I discovered that EVERY checkout had the same Soviet style lineup.

What a fantastic spectacle the whole thing was. It looked like people Christmas shopping in days of old. "Social Distancing" my ass!

Since all I had were the limited two pounds of butter I decided it wasn't worth going through this utterly retarded exercise, so I left again and went to Fortinos where it's also on sale for a little more ($3.33 today's limit 4.)

And to think that all of this nonsense is the result of what may well turn out to be yet another media-driven false alarm, just like the second-hand smoke hoax, and the climate fraud.

I think I'm going to drink some beer tonight.

The Data Doesn't Fit the Model

The Panic of 2020


This is very sad.

Though I can't understand a word of what they are saying I can feel the pain and anger in their voices.

Keep in mind, this is a snapshot of what is going on in that country our turdboy of a Prime Minister has expressed such glowing admiration for.

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