Thursday, April 23, 2020

Merry Covidmas - April 23, 2020

Global Stats:

April 23, 2020, 12:48 EDT

Confirmed cases: 2,662,118

Deceased: 183,770

Mortality rate: 7%

Actual cases: unknown

Deceased: 183,770

Actual mortality rate: unknown

From April 21, 2020.

We'll see.

I honestly don't recall ever having had a flu vaccine. I can't remember the last time I even had the flu.

I think I have had the flu, but don't know because I've never actually been diagnosed as having the flu, unless it was back when I was a kid and just can't remember. Something back in 1979 really threw me for a loop and was, perhaps, the first time, out of two that I ever took time off work for non-alcohol induced flu symptoms or any other condition. The other time was about ten years ago I had something and stayed home.

My doctor once asked me if I was interested in getting a flu shot. When I told her I was not, she didn't give me any pressure. I think she even commented on me having "amazing immunities."

I think the daily gram of vitamin C and, when I get a scratchy throat, echinacea, that I have been taking since the mid 1980s also helps. A lot.

The other day while having a conversation with a friend, after I sanitized my phone, my friend asked me if I wasn't just a little afraid of this boogey man. I told them, point-blank, "no more afraid than I have been during any other flu season."

And I'll be damned if I will put on a schmoo costume with gloves, mask, garlic necklace, and a propeller beanie unless it is mandated with an $880 fine for non-compliance.

My Definition: Schmoo - a deferential thinker, eager to bend over and spread one's cheeks in response to pontifications from the chronically dishonest and stupid political/media elites.


I've been wondering how long it would take for Rebel News to wake up to this destructive, media-driven, politically mishandled panic.

Karl Denninger has been making some very good calls about this panic since the beginning.

Are ventilators doing more harm than good?

What I would like to know is what percentage of COVID-19 fatalities died while on ventilators?

So far, I have only be able to find estimates of the percentage of COVID-19 patients on ventilators who died.

These estimates go as high as 80, or even 90%. According to Denninger, 95% of the Wuhan patients on ventilators died.

The Bloomberg article says, “There had been a tendency earlier on in the crisis for people to put patients on ventilators early, because patients were deteriorating very quickly,” but it doesn't say, for example, "of all the deaths attributed to COVID-19, X% were on ventilators when they died.

In other words, it doesn't provide any indication of how many people NOT put on ventilators also died. Considering that only the quickly deteriorating patients were put on ventilators, I suspect the proportion of deaths while on ventilators would be very high.

So far I haven't been able to find anything that answers this question. An answer might be helpful as it might provide some indication as to whether the mortality rates are being elevated by the ventilators rather than the disease. The ventilators might be killing the patients just like the politicians are killing the economy. And there is NO QUESTION about that.

That also reminds me of something I read in "When Money Dies" some years ago about the Weimar inflation in Germany. There was a description of how the German minister in charge of money printing was frantically printing currency because prices were rising so quickly that he thought he needed to print more Marks to match the price increases. I laughed out loud when I read that.

"If prices went up, people demanded not a stable purchasing power for the marks they had, but more marks to buy what they needed. More marks were printed, and more, and more." -- "When Money Dies"

It raises the possibility that the frantic rush to produce more ventilators, which would kill more patients, leads to ever more frantic efforts to produce more ventilators, which kill more patients...


Ford, GM Ramp Up Production of Ventilators

Of course, I've been using some of the time wasted in serf lines to have a smoke, and just waiting for some liberal to start scolding me about my deadly ETS.

But now, there's this!


People are pulling their own teeth while dentists are on coronavirus lockdown

"Prognosis for a dental abscess is very good. Prognosis can be quite poor if a dental abscess is left untreated; mortality rate can increase to 40% if patients develop mediastinitis from descending infection (Shweta et al. 2013). Airway compromise may warrant intubation or placement of tracheostomy. Ascending infections through the sinuses or hematogenous spread to the brain increase mortality rate and carry a poor prognosis." -- Source

Ancaster man dies of complications from the flu

'Get the shot,' urges widower whose wife died days after contracting the flu

Hamilton's flu season consistent with rest of Canada, says health officials

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