Thursday, April 9, 2020

Never let a good virus go to waste.

If the fear of getting, or spreading, a virus, is all the people need to meekly grant their rulers the power to prohibit them from visiting their relatives for Easter Dinner, for example, IMAGINE HOW THOSE PEOPLE, like congenital Liberals, for whom everyone else's business, and everyone else's money, is theirs to control, and divvy up in accordance with WHAT THEY THINK PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE, must be interpreting current events.

No doubt they are thinking,

"Never let a good virus go to waste."

No doubt they are currently salivating at the thought of all of the things they would not have been otherwise able to accomplish, like shutting down an industrial economy, if not for this convenient new headline.

I am beginning to think that I would rather have the virus.

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  1. Our lives will never be the same....check out the latest broadcast from your Communist Broadcasting Corporation. This is what most Canadians are watching, absorbing and becoming:


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